carbon mountain bike frames

Mountain biking has always been a popular pastime, and it’s still growing in popularity today. From the dirt-filled trails of the mountain slopes, to the smooth roads of the city streets, riders of all ages and experience levels have found enjoyment in exploring the great outdoors with their bicycles. But what happens when you want to take your ride to the next level? It’s time to explore the world of mountain bike frames crafted from the power of carbon.

carbon mountain bike frames have become an increasingly popular choice in the world of extreme mountain biking thanks to their lightweight and enhanced durability. These frames are built from a combination of carbon fiber and a resin material to achieve the perfect balance of strength and flexibility. This combination also results in frames that are incredibly lightweight and offer superior overall speed, compared to those made from traditional materials.

Not only is the lightweight and strength offered by carbon mountain bike frames a benefit on the trails, but they also add to the overall aesthetic of the bike. Carbon frames are often a popular choice among custom bike builders for their sleek and often slick look. Plus, if you want to make your bike truly stand out from the pack, many frames can be painted to your desired specifications.

When you get down to the details of a carbon mountain bike frame, the advantages are clear. The lightweight design offers a reduction in the overall weight of the bike in comparison to an aluminum or steel frame. This can give you that extra edge of speed and efficiency when taking on challenging trails. When combined with the shock-absorbing capabilities of carbon, you have a frame that’s able to handle just about anything the terrain throws your way.

Strength is another key benefit offered with carbon mountain bike frames. The strong and lightweight material allows the frame to be both durable and strong enough to take on whatever might be encountered on the trail. It can also stand up to decades of use and abuse, never losing its original shape. On top of this, the frame can keep you protected from the trails’ treacherous elements as well, due to its impact-resistant properties.

The perfect mountain bike frame awaits, and it’s crafted from the power of carbon. From the passionate weekend riders to the more extreme athletes, carbon mountain bike frames can offer an extra edge of comfort, speed, and beauty. If you are looking to enhance your love of mountain biking and make a bike that offers a higher performance than ever before, then a carbon mountain bike frame is the way to go.

Unleash your ride with the power of carbon, and explore a world of trails that it provides. With a frame that is lightweight, shock absorbing, and years of strength, a carbon mountain bike frame can be the perfect addition to any mountain bike collection. Any rider can gain an edge on the trails, and make their bike stand out from the pack with the power of carbon.

bike wheels

What Kind of bike wheels; bike wheels

Are you confused about what kind of bike wheels you should get for your ride? Whether you’re a seasoned pro cyclist or just getting into the sport, it’s important to choose the right type of wheel for your bike. Your selection will have an impact on your performance, comfort, and safety. In this article, we’ll provide an overview of the different types of bike wheels so that you can make an informed, educated decision.

Tubular Wheels

Tubular wheels feature an outer tire that is held in place by a special inner tube. These are best suited for downhill and cross-country biking. This type of wheel is lighter than a clincher wheel, but you’ll have to pay more for it. Because of their lightweight and superior traction, tubulars are the wheel of choice for professional cyclists. However, repairing a broken tubular takes extra time and requires professional skills.

Clincher Wheels

Clincher wheels are the most common type of wheel. They feature an inner tube with a bead-like wire that is laced along the inside of the tire. This creates an airtight seal that prevents leaks and also allows for a smoother ride. Clincher wheels are great for recreational and road biking, and they are an affordable option. They are the most user-friendly wheel on the market and also the easiest to repair if there’s a puncture.

Carbon Wheels

Carbon wheels are best suited for racing. They feature a rim constructed from carbon fiber, which puts them at the higher end of the price scale. But they offer superior aerodynamics and are incredibly lightweight. They also require less energy to power the bike, so you’ll get more out of your ride.

Plus Wheels

Plus wheels are a great option for mountain biking. They feature an oversized tire with a width of two-to-three-inches, which gives you superior traction on rocky terrain and more cushioning for a more comfortable ride. They are slightly heavier and more expensive than typical wheels, but they’re a great option if you want greater control.

Fat Wheels

Fat wheels are the newest type of bike wheels on the market. They are very similar to plus wheels, but feature an even larger tire width, usually more than four inches. These are the best choice for riders who live in areas with extreme climates like sand, snow, or mud, as the Superwide tires will provide superior traction.

Ultimately, your choice of bike wheels will depend on your specific needs and your cycling style. Make sure you research your options and consult an experienced cycling specialist to make sure you get the most out of your ride.

mountain bike frame


When you’re shopping for a new mountain bike, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is which bike frame to buy. Mountain bikes come in a variety of frame sizes, styles, and materials, and knowing what frame works best for your style of riding is essential for creating the perfect bike for your needs.

Before you shop, take time to research different types of mountain bike frames and consider what you need most from your bike. We’ve prepared a quick guide to help you focus on the most important elements of your mountain bike frame so you can make the best choice for your ride.

Frame Material

The material of your mountain bike frames is probably the most important decision you’ll make, as it affects how your bike will ride, as well as its weight, durability, and overall performance.

Aluminum is the most common frame material for mountain bikes. It’s lightweight and relatively affordable, and provides good performance. Steel frames are heavier but also incredibly durable, and carbon fiber frames are another popular choice that’s lightweight and offers a great ride.

Frame Size

When it comes to mountain bike frames, size matters. It affects how your bike will handle and how comfortable you’ll be on the trail. If you choose a frame that’s either too large or too small, your ride won’t be as efficient or comfortable as it could be.

Mountain bike frames come in a range of sizes designed for different types of riders. Generally, shorter riders should choose a smaller frame size while taller riders should choose a larger size. If you’re unsure of what size frame to choose, visit a local bike shop to get professionally-sized for the perfect fit.

Frame Style

The style of mountain bike frame you choose determines how your bike will perform. The two most popular styles are hardtail frames and full-suspension frames.

Hardtail frames feature only one suspension system at the front of the bike. They’re great for cross-country style terrain and are usually lighter and more affordable than full-suspension frames.

Full-suspension frames, on the other hand, feature both a rear shock and a fork for better control on rougher terrain. They’re heavier and more expensive than hardtails, but provide more cushion and control over rough terrain.

Frame Features

When you’re shopping for a mountain bike frames, consider the features that come with the model you’re considering. Look for features such as adjustable rear shocks, internal cable routing, and progressive geometry, which will all help improve the performance and comfort of your ride.


When it comes to choosing the perfect mountain bike frame, the most important factors to consider are the material, size, style, and features. You need to find a frame that’s the right size for your body, is made from the right material, and offers the features you need to get the performance you’re looking for. With these tips in mind, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect frame for your ride.

carbon wheelset rim brake


The popularity of carbon wheelsets and rim brakes has been on the rise in recent years. With the advances in bicycle design, carbon wheelsets paired with rim brakes have become increasingly popular amongst cyclists. This combination is attractive for many reasons, making it beneficial for both experienced and new riders alike.

The obvious advantage of a carbon wheelset is the decreased weight. Carbon construction can reduce the overall wheel and bike weight considerably, allowing a rider to breeze up biking trails or up hills. With rim brakes, cyclists can easily regulate their speed as well as adjust their stopping power without the help from complicated electronic systems.

The most attractive feature of a carbon wheelset rim brake combination is the increased aerodynamics. Carbon rims are often designed with a deep profile that helps reduce wind resistance. This means that the riders can easily outpace competitors in windy conditions. Additionally, rim brakes increase this advantage by offering a much more pointed approach when controlling speed. Meaning riders can easily control their speed in windy conditions.

Rim brakes also provide improved stability. Rim brakes use a single point of contact with the rim to reduce any potential losses in pressure. This happens to offer greater durability and reliability in the long run, which is a great feature for any commuter or cycling enthusiast. And since rim brakes are also much more lightweight, it makes them ideal for cyclists who value efficiency.

Unfortunately, rim brakes are not as efficient as the alternative disc brakes. Disc brakes are more efficient at dissipating heat, making them less prone to wear and tear with more powerful braking. As well, disc brakes generally last longer and offer better modulation. This makes them great for riders needing more safety and control on the road.

That being said, rim brakes still have their place. Their lightweight frame and aerodynamic design make them a great choice for cyclists on a budget or those who appreciate the aesthetics of a carbon wheelset. Additionally, rim brakes are relatively simple to service and maintain, meaning riders can keep them in good condition with a minimal amount of effort.

All and all, a carbon wheelset rim brake combination is a great choice for many cyclists. It offers the best of both worlds: lightweight construction and aerodynamic designs from a carbon wheelset and enhanced stability, safety, and overall performance from the rim brakes. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a daily commuter, it’s hard to go wrong with this combination.

lite weight carbon mountain bike frame

As the sport of mountain biking continues to advance and attract more participants, so too does the technology that goes into a mountain biking frame. One such frame that has become increasingly popular, especially among competitive riders, is the light-weight carbon mountain bike frame. This type of frame is designed to be lightweight while still providing excellent durability and performance. This article will explore the advantages of a light-weight carbon mountain bike frame, and discuss how it can help you to get the most out of your mountain biking experience.

Carbon mountain bike frames are made from lightweight, durable carbon fibers that can be woven into a strong, yet light frame. This makes the frame much lighter than a traditional aluminum frame, which can weigh up to four times as much as the carbon frame. Because of this weight savings, a light-weight carbon mountain bike frame will help you accelerate faster, and make climbing hills much easier. Additionally, the carbon frame will provide extra stiffness and durability, allowing you to tackle the most technical descents.

The light-weight carbon frame also has another advantage – it can absorb shock from the trail and road surfaces more efficiently. This helps to keep your ride smooth and comfortable, as you experience less vibrations and shocks. This in turn can reduce fatigue, especially on longer rides, and also reduce the risk of injury to your body from long hours of mountain biking.

Light-weight carbon mountain bike frames also provide a unique aesthetic appeal. Most carbon mountain bike frames are made with sophisticated layering, giving the bike a unique, high-end look that few other mountain bikes can match. This also gives riders an opportunity to customise their bike, making it more unique and individual.

However, the main advantage of a light-weight carbon mountain bike frame is its price. While you can expect to pay a premium for this type of frame, many riders argue that it is worth it if you are serious about mountain biking. Carbon frames tend to cost up to twice as much as an aluminum frame, but they also provide a greater quality product. The frame should last a minimum of five years with minimal wear and tear, and is more resistant to the elements, ensuring that you enjoy your mountain biking experience for many years to come.

In conclusion, a light-weight carbon mountain bike frame offers riders a number of advantages, including increased speed and handling, a unique aesthetic, and improved durability. Although this type of frame is significantly more expensive than traditional aluminum frames, it provides a superior product which can last many years. As such, if you are serious about mountain biking or simply want your bike to look great, then you should certainly look into the many benefits a light-weight carbon frame can offer.

hardtail mountain bike frames

What is a Hardtail Mountain Bike Frame?

A hardtail mountain bike frame is a rigid frame that is designed for off-road cycling. The “hardtail” name comes from the frame having no rear suspension, though some hardtail mountain bike frames are equipped with a shock absorber for extra cushioning and control. The hardtail frame design is well suited for most cross-country and some downhill riding.

The rigid frame design is a combination of lightweight materials including aluminum or lightweight steel. The frame also has a top tube, head tube and a bottom bracket, which houses the moving parts of the bike. The important thing to remember is that hardtail mountain bike frames are also designed to be cheaper than full suspension frames while offering a more efficient ride.

Advantages of hardtail mountain bike frames

There are a few advantages to having a hardtail mountain bike frame, one being the overall cost. Hardtail bikes are usually cheaper than full suspension frames which makes them the more economical choice. The lightweight frame design also ensures a light overall bike, which is great for long rides or races that require strong pedaling abilities and speed.

The design also gives more accurate feedback from the terrain and the bike frame which may help with more technical sections of trails. This is because there are no shocks to absorb the bumps or jumps on a trail, meaning the rider receives the full impacts of whatever the trail has to offer.

Disadvantages of hardtail mountain bike frames

The one major disadvantage of a hardtail mountain bike frame is the lack of comfort offered. The lack of suspension can be uncomfortable for longer rides, hitting small bumps on the trail is like riding on a low tire pressure bike. This can be improved by getting a higher quality frame with shock absorbers or exhaustible cushioning.


hardtail mountain bike frames are a great option for those looking to get an efficient ride while still on a budget. The lightweight frame and rigid design give a great sense of control and feedback from the trail, enabling the rider to tackle the most technical sections of trails with more skill and confidence. However, the lack of comfort for longer rides may be a concern. This can be improved with a higher quality frame or shock absorbers to cushion the ride.

garmin bike computer mount

garmin bike computer mount: Easy-to-Use and Convenient

Having a bike computer mount can make cycling trips much easier and more enjoyable. A bike computer mount from Garmin is specifically designed to provide cyclists with a reliable and convenient way to mount their Garmins. Thanks to its easy-to-use design and compatibility with a range of Garmin models, the garmin bike computer mount is a great choice for cyclists who want to make the most of their Garmin equipment.

The garmin bike computer mount is an incredibly easy-to-use design that is made from strong and durable materials. Thanks to its simple design, you’ll be able to mount your Garmin bike computer in as little as five minutes, with no additional hardware or tools required. Its adjustable design also ensures that it fits a wide range of bike frames. Its adjustable arms, meanwhile, make it easy to change the position of the computer to find the perfect angle for your ride.

The Garmin bike mount is compatible with a range of Garmin devices, including the Edge 530, Edge 830, Edge 1030, and Edge 1040. This makes it easy to use your existing Garmin device to track your performance while riding. The mount also works with Garmin’s Varia lights, allowing you to stay seen and safe while cycling in low-light conditions.

Another great feature of the garmin bike computer mount is its compatibility with the Garmin Vector cycling power meter. This feature allows you to measure and track your cycling performance in real time with the Garmin Vector cycling power meter. The mount also allows you to easily change out your computer to get the most out of your data-tracking capabilities.

The garmin bike computer mount also comes with a handy locking tab that provides additional security while the computer is mounted. This prevents other pedestrians from stealing or tampering with your Garmin computer and data while you’re away from your bike.

Overall, the garmin bike computer mount is an easy-to-use and convenient option for cyclists who want to make the most of their Garmin equipment. With its simple mount time, compatibility with a range of models, and secure locking tab, the mount is an excellent choice for cyclists looking for an easy way to make the most of their Garmin equipment.

mtb riser handlebar


MTB Riser Handlebars – The Best for Trekking

Adventure lovers, from bicycle trekkers to mountain bikers, know the importance of having the right handlebars for their bikes. Whether you’re a recreational rider just getting started with your first bike or you’re a more experienced rider looking to upgrade your handlebars, one of the best options you have is to get a set of MTB riser handlebars.

Riser handlebars are specially designed to provide extra comfort and a better riding experience. By raising the rider’s position higher on the bike, you can get a more upright posture and a better grip on the bicycle. This not only makes your ride more enjoyable, but it’s also essential to providing as much control as possible when cornering and making descents.

For trekkers, the biggest advantage of the mtb riser handlebar is the improved grip it provides. Having a good grip on the handlebars is key for maneuvering through harsh turn and obstacles. With a riser design, you get an easier and more comfortable grip which not only leads to greater control, but also more confidence in tackling difficult terrain.

Riser handlebars usually come with a variety of different rises and widths. To choose the right handlebar for your bike, it’s essential to take into account how much riding you’ll be doing. If you’re a beginner and you’ll be using your bicycle mainly for commuting or leisure rides, then you’ll likely want to look at lower rises and narrower bars. But if you’ll be tackling more aggressive terrain including climbing steep hills or hard-packed trails, then a higher rise and a wider handlebar will be the best choice.

Apart from the obvious benefits riser handlebars can give you, they can also make your bike look better and more stylish. With so many shapes and styles available, you’ll be sure to find the perfect match for your bike.

When it comes to the weight of the riser handlebars, it’s important to consider the overall bike weight. Heavier bars can add a few extra pounds, so if you’re looking for a lightweight bar then it’s important to get one made with lightweight materials.

Overall, the mtb riser handlebar is one of the best upgrades you can make to your bike. Not only do they provide better grip and control, but they also help you achieve a better riding position for more comfortable rides. So if you’re looking for the perfect handlebar for your bike, then the mtb riser handlebar is the perfect choice.