Author: Chris Foo

Off-Road Excellence: best gravel framesets for Adventurous Riders

Ah, gravel framesets. They are the perfect choice for the adventurous cyclists who love nothing more than getting out in the wild and exploring nature, and yet can also be comfortable on the roads. With the increasing popularity of gravel cycling, more and more companies are offering the best gravel framesets to make your off-road […]

The Advantages and Considerations of Aero Bar for mtb

The Advantages and Considerations of aero bar for mtb An aero bar mtb, or aerodynamic bar, is an essential piece of equipment for mountain bikers looking to boost their performance or just explore new technical and difficult terrain. Aero bars are clamped onto the handlebar of the bike, and are designed to allow the rider […]

hookless rims

The Considerations of hookless rims Nowadays, riders of all ages and skill levels are seeking new and innovative ways to stay ahead of the curve on their rides. From electric propulsion to low-profile frames, there’s never been a better selection of components and features available for customizing a bicycle. One of the most popular items […]